Inspired by the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, we share our intellectual property innovations. The first being the novel and inventive use of natural tannins and extracts from indigenous South African plant material as a replacement for synthetic chemical preservatives used in the production of alcoholic beverages, specifically Wine, Beer & Cider.


We are a South African company and proprietor of intellectual property that protects, shares and promotes the use of our IP in order to support global beverage producers in creating differentiated and competitive beverage brands.

Our Vision is to be recognised as a leading South African IP company that shares its global patents which allow the use of indigenous South African plant tannins in the production of wine, beer and cider in order to create a competitive advantage.

Our Purpose is to uplift and enhance the lives of South African farming communities who depend on the sustainable growth of the South African indigenous plant industries, by promoting the use of natural tannins in wine, beer and cider so as to generate added value beverage products.

Our Values are those of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and innovation. Above all else, respect for self, others and the environment. These values permeate our existence, the way we do business and are non-negotiable.


Red Dawn invites wine producers to share in the use of both its patent and unique South African tannins in order to produce:

  • Improved Quality Wines
  • No Sulphur Added Wines
  • No Sulphur or other Chemical Additives added to Wine


Intellectual property

We continually search for innovative ideas and inventions emanating from the global beverage industry. If after an IP due diligence investigation we are satisfied that the idea or innovation is capable of protection, we will enter into mutually beneficial agreements to protect the idea. This process is intended to assist inventors and innovators through the lengthy, expensive and often difficult process commercialising an idea.

UBUNTU Our African sharing philosophy, meaning “humanity to others” or “I am what I am, because of who we all are”, underpins our philosophy of sharing our protected IP and unique South African tannins with other willing global beverage producers.

COMPETITIVE EDGE Our shared IP and tannins give beverage producers a unique competitive edge to operate globally in 83 patent relevant jurisdictions without competition from unlicensed patent and tannin users for the lifespan of the patent, thereby ensuring sustainable value creation for brands.

Patent: Our first patent specification
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Global Patent/patent application Jurisdictions:
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What is in it for wine producers?
Licensed wine producers will have the rights and opportunity to use both Red Dawn IP and tannins allowing the production of (a) Improved Quality Traditional wines (b) No Sulphur Added wines as well as (c) a unique new range of distinctive competitive “healthier option” wines.
Value-adding wine propositions include:
  • Long term protection without impacting the integrity of wine
  • Improves fining by adding softness, complexity and wood-aged character
  • Improves body, structure & mouth feel
  • Enhances colour intensity
  • Protects flavour components
  • Amplifies inherent sweetness of wine without the need to add grape concentrate (sugar)
  • No Sulphur Added Wines - Potent anti-oxidative properties negate the need to add Sulphur during winemaking
  • Ability to produce natural “No Added Sulphur” Chemical Additive Free wines
  • Promotes freshness and fruit by protecting flavour components through fermentation
  • Promotes primary fermentation
  • Assists with ability to produce Lower Alcohol/Lower Kilojoules wines
  • The ability to charge a justifiable premium for IP globally protected improved wines
  • Access to a regular supply of packaged Red Dawn Tannins for use in the wine making process
  • Patent protection in 83 globally relevant jurisdictions
What are Red Dawn tannins?
Fully dissolvable South African produced vinification and fining tannin for use in (a) Traditional wines (b) No Sulphur Added wines, also (c) a unique new range of distinctive and competitive “healthier option” red and white wines.
What makes Red Dawn tannins different from other tannins?
Red Dawn Tannin utilises the properties of indigenous South African plant material by optimising both the antimicrobial and polyphenolic content without imparting bitterness or affecting the characterof traditional wine cultivars, but rather enhancing them. The tannins enhance fining, body, structure, colour protection, freshness and fruit.
What does global patent protection mean for licensed wine producers?
Licensed wine producers have an opportunity to participate and share in an established IP with scientifically proven concepts that permits licensed producers to trade for the lifespan of the patent, in patented jurisdictions, to the exclusion of unlicensed producers.
Who is Red Dawn IP Holdings (Pty) Ltd?
Red Dawn IP (Pty) Ltd is a private company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of South Africa under company registration 2012/097097/07, co-owned by KWV (Pty) Ltd, NBL (South Africa) Pty Ltd and Audacia Wines(Pty) Ltd, with registered address at: c/o Audacia Wines, R44 Highway and Annandale Road, Stellenbosch, 7600, Western Cape Province, South Africa.
Where can one find a copy of Red Dawns first patent?
A link is available on this website to Red Dawn’s PCT patent application (see “Patent User” section), which is substantially similar to other patent applications filed around the world in countries also listed separately in this website. Any reasons for differences (if any) depend on each country’s particular requirements which do not affect theidentity and scope of the patented invention.
Who can I contact for more information?
Wine producers can contact Arnold Vlok: Cell: +27 (0)823966188 or e-mail: