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About Red Dawn

We are an IP (Intellectual Property) company established in 2011. Our breakthrough innovation is set to change the face of the global alcoholic beverage industry. It is a product that will benefit many across the value chain from farm gate all the way to the end consumer.

Our proudly South African indigenous plant materials are protected by GI (Geographical Indication) status and have the potential to unlock growth and unite local industries under one banner. We will assist and encourage the use of our shared IP to further promote differentiated, healthier options in the alcoholic beverage industry on a global level.

We are fully committed to sharing and promoting our IP and to having alcoholic beverage producers and our stakeholders share in our vision and excitement. We see this as an opportunity to unite stakeholders across various platforms in order to uplift and enhance the lives of those farming communities who depend on the sustainable growth of South African indigenous plant industries. By promoting the use of indigenous plant extracts in wine, beer and cider, benefits will accrue for many people across the wider community and broader industries.


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