The Opportunity

Health and Wellness is increasingly important for consumers

Conscious Consumers

Health and wellness continues to dominate consumer global trends. Consumers are becoming more savvy and aware. They are demanding more from industries to ensure healthier options for a better lifestyle for themselves and their families, which also allows them to be more caring towards the planet. There is no doubt that conscious consumerism is on the increase.

The move towards healthier eating and drinking options is undisputed and driven by the Free From and Clean Label movements. The alcohol industry has been largely exempt from the strict labelling requirements but this is set to change as large influential organisations like the WHO and the European Consumer Union lobby government and lawmakers globally to change legislation and policy around nutritional content, allergens and warning labels.

The Natural Way

‘Natural’ is the most sought-after quality a product can claim and is therefore becoming more and more prevalent. This also extends to preservation as consumers become more intolerant of chemical additives that are known allergens and irritants. Sulphur dioxide SO2 is a well-known preservative across many food and beverage products. For winemakers it has become one of the most effective tools to protect wine and influence the taste. The conflict now arises as the move towards ‘sulphur free’ becomes more prominent across the board. Will wine be able to remain the exception?

The Benefit for Winemakers

For many winemakers, the thought of using NO sulphur in wine is simply not an option but the beauty of Red Dawn Natural Tannins is that it can be used alongside sulphur and can still enhance the quality of the wine. There is little risk for those winemakers who still prefer the traditional route of winemaking.

The real benefit however is around the flavour and better quality of the wine by using less sulphur and replacing it with RDNT to bring out additional fruit and fresh flavour.

The Tannins have been successfully used to EASILY produce high quality ‘no sulphur added’ wines.

Reduced- and No-Sulphur added wines

Enhance Protect Preserve

The benefits for all wine (including Sulphur added)

  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Enhanced inherent sweetness
  • Fresh and fruity components highlighted
  • Improved colour intensity
  • Improved structure

The benefits for No-Sulphur-added wines:

  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Enhanced inherent sweetness
  • Fresh and fruity components highlighted
  • Improved colour intensity
  • Improved structure
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Benefit of claiming ‘no sulphur added’
  • Ability to age wine

Wine producer enquiries:

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