Extracting the Power of Nature

Natural extracts and wine tannins to PRESERVE, PROTECT and ENHANCE alcoholic beverages

Health and Wellness

Concern for our planet and caring for our health dominate global consumer trends. Conscious consumerism is rapidly expanding along with the demand for a greener planet. Healthier food and beverage options are ever increasing.

This is the opportunity for a new and healthier alcoholic beverage trends.

The Wine Opportunity

Red Dawn offers an immediate opportunity to marry and meet the growing consumer trend towards healthier option wines. It offers winemakers the opportunity to produce exceptional, high quality, LOW and/or NO SULPHUR ADDED RED, WHITE and ROSÉ WINE and meet rising consumer demand for healthier wine options.

PRESERVE - Reduce or Replace Sulphur, Preserved Wine Naturally

PROTECT - Improve Colour Intensity, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial

ENHANCE - Freshness and Fruitiness, Mouthfeel, Inherent Sweetness

Wine Benefits

Red Dawn Natural Tannin has exceptional properties which optimise the unique polyphenol and antioxidant properties of the Honeybush plant. It’s most distinctive function is as a NATURAL SULPHUR PRESERVATIVE ALTERNATIVE, but can also be used in synergy with Sulphur to give additional preservation, protection and enhancement. The wine tannin can also be used to improve low-alcohol, low kilojoule and de-alcoholised wines.

The "Humble" Honeybush Plant

The Honeybush Plant is part of the fynbos family, has highly acclaimed health benefits and is a natural source of antioxidants. It also features antifungal & antibacterial properties, and has been awarded Geographical Indicator (GI) - locally sourced.

The Honeybush industry is a fledgling industry with expansive farming opportunities in communities across the Western Cape.

Uniquely and Proudly South African

Red Dawn wine tannins are UNIQUELY & PROUDLY South African - sourced from our very own Western Cape Province and Floral kingdom!

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