The Patent

Red Dawn holds a patent for the use of indigenous fynbos materials in the production of wines, beers and ciders.

About the Patent

This patent has been registered in markets across the globe and allows companies to use this fynbos extract to create value-added products and build a competitive advantage.

Our shared IP and tannins give beverage producers a unique competitive edge to operate globally in 52 patent-relevant jurisdictions. This means no competition from unlicensed patent and tannin users for the lifespan of the patent, thereby ensuring sustainable value creation for brands.

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Wine producer enquiries:

Please contact us with any questions about how our breakthrough indigenous extracts can add value to your wine.

Arnold Vlok
Innovation Manager +27 (0) 82 396 6188
Rina McKellar
Project Lead +27 (0) 82 650 5697