The Product

Red Dawn Natural Tannins utilises the properties of indigenous South African plant materials by optimising the high antioxidant, unique polyphenol, antibacterial and antifungal properties across wine, beer and cider.

Unfermented products

LOW/NO flavour and colour interference

RDNT – Genesis

RDNT – Creation

Fermented products

To enhance flavour and colour profiles

RDNT – Revelation

RDNT – Evolution

  • RDNT has:
  • High polyphenol levels
  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Strong antimicrobial properties

Preserve. Protect. Enhance


We offer a fully-dissolvable vinification and fining tannin for red and white wine. RDNT utilises the properties of indigenous plant materials by optimising the high polyphenol content without imparting flavour or bitterness. It enhances fining, body, structure, colour protection, freshness and fruitiness.

Reduced- and no-sulphur added wines:

The potent anti-oxidative properties of RDNT Genesis negate the need to add SO2 – allowing winemakers to reduce the levels of sulphur added to wines if they choose. The ease of use of the product is also one of its biggest assets and removes the difficulties associated with producing sulphur-free wine.


Using RDNT Genesis tannin alongside sulphur will still produce increased benefits. However, we believe as winemakers become more au fait with our tannin, the need to use sulphur will decrease as more natural fruitiness and fresh flavours of the wine is unleashed making the road to “No Sulphur Added” an easy, natural and advantageous progression.

Beer and cider

Please contact us for more information on all the ways RDNT can add value in the beer and cider making processes.

Wine producer enquiries:

Please contact us with any questions about how our breakthrough indigenous extracts can add value to your wine.

Arnold Vlok +27 (0) 82 396 6188